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2/15 Presidnet's Day
2/22 Troop Meeting
2/29 Troop Meeting
3/4 Event
3/7 Troop Meeting
3/11 Peace River (Daylight Savings Time Begins)
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» Troop 701 Boy Scout Meeting Location

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church
13301 Ellison Wilson Rd.
North Palm Beach, Florida 33408
(561) 624-9663

7:00 pm until 8:30 pm




Adult Training

Attention Adults for Troop-701. Just a reminder to complete your annual training sessions online at: Gulfstream Council.

Remember to print out your certificates and get a copy to the Scoutmaster.

Thanks for your support to Troop 701.



Troop 701 Welcomes you to this Website which contains information concerning our Troop Meetings, Outdoor Activities, Troop Projects and other Troop Activities. Please e-mail Troop 701 Scoutmaster and advise what you would like to see on this site to help you out. 

Webelos: Consider this an open invitation to join us in our meetings or activities at any time.

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Troop 701
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If you are reporting for a Board of Review (BOR), you must report in FULL Class A uniform.

Be Prepared!


Merit Badge Counselor List

Check under the Links tab.

Then check under Council and District.

There you will see a link that will take you to the current list of MB counselors that are available for Gulfstream Council.

Or click on this link while it is up: Merit Badge Listing  to go to the page.

Merit Badge steps:

  1. Get with the scoutmaster and explain to him that you need a blue card and that you would like to complete a merit badge for rank advancement.
  2. After you receive the blue card for the merit badge, fill out the information that you are required to fill out and hasve the scoutmaster sign the card.
  3. Look at the MB counselor list and choose a MB counselor, before you complete any MB requirements.
  4. Call the MB counselor and introduce yourself and explain the reason for calling. Make arrangements to meet your MB counselor (Class A Uniforms) and find out what you must complete prior to your first meeting.
  5. Please have a current and up to date merit badge book. Check the Library or other scouts to see if anyone has one, before you make a purchase.
  6. Good Luck on your quest to complete the MB and give the completed card to your scoutmaster. Your card is needed to get the advancement recognition.
 Merit Badge Counselors for Gulfstream Council

Merit Badge Counselors for Gulfstream Council